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One to one coaching


Team coaching and facilitation


Leadership programmes and workshops


Coach training, workshops and supervision


Coach infrastructure consultancy

One to one coaching

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to executive coaching

Coaching is a much used (and misused!) term in businesses today.

The Grit Coaching Value Chain (Grit CVC ©) has been developed to ensure our coaching work is focused on adding value at every stage in the chain. Based on decades of experience and research, this approach enables the individual client, their team and the organisation as a whole will realise benefit from the coaching work.

Before a coach even meets a client, we ensure the key building blocks are in place so that the purpose of the coaching is clear and expectations and responsibilities have been surfaced and explored.

Coaching is not for the faint hearted, it translates goals and aspirations into tangible action and that requires making changes to how you think, feel and behave.

We offer coaching to meet three distinct needs:

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Developmental coaching

All our coaches are credibly trained, professionally accredited and in regular supervision/CPD.

Our approach to working with teams is different. We use me:my™team methodology for accelerating team performance.

This is a third-generation process for working with teams which puts a key business issue at the centre of the work throughout the whole process. me:my™team method is one of the only team methods which can measure team progress.

All our facilitators are trained in me:my™team methodology and are in team supervision/CPD.

Leadership programmes and workshops

Click here to download our guide to Leadership programmes and workshops.

There are several topics that frequently surface in our leadership coaching and team coaching work.

We offer a menu of programmes and workshops on leadership topics that are generally divided into three focus areas:

  1. Leading self

  2. Leading others

  3. Leading the organisation

Several topics staddle two or all of these areas and can be tailored to a specific audience or need.  Similarly, each topic can be explored in varying degrees of depth and can be delivered in numerous formats including a stand-alone session, a speaker event/webinar or as part of a comprehensive leadership programme.

Coach training, workshops and supervision

Click here to download our guide to coaching supervision.

We offer coach training for individuals and/or groups with the following aims:

  • For leaders who want to develop a coaching style of leadership

  • For individuals or groups who have significant people development responsibilities

  • To create an internal coaching faculty

We deliver coaching supervision with individual and groups. We have a particular expertise in supervising internal coaching faculty members where there are specific issues that only internal coaches have to grapple with. The focus of our coaching supervision is on the coaching client work.

Some of our supervisors are ICF MCC accredited and can therefore assist with professional body accreditation.

Coaching infrastructure 

Click here to download our guide to the Coaching infrastructure audit.

Coaching has been an established leadership development intervention in businesses for

over twenty years.

Organisations need to ensure their coaching infrastructure is fit for current purpose. Whether you are setting coaching up from scratch, establishing an internal coaching faculty or reviewing your existing coaching infrastructure, you need a benchmark. Our coaching infrastructure audit is a benchmarking activity delivered by coaching industry experts to understand how you are performing against good practice.

All our industry experts have experience of being an organisational coaching custodian, buying coaching services as well as delivering and selling coaching services to client organisations.

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