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The Gready Club

The Grit Reading Club or, as we like to
call it,
The Gready Club explores a diverse range of business and leadership topics through the lens of captivating books.


Our hope is that the Gready Club will enable our members to:   

  • Cultivate personal and professional growth

  • Expand their knowledge and provide fresh perspectives and valuable insights

  • Enable actionable takeaways to elevate their work and/or personal development

  • Give an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals

We have some basic ground rules that we ask our members to adhere to: 

  1. Curious preparedness – It is not a requirement to have read the book from cover to cover. We know that sometimes people don’t want to finish a book or events conspire against you and you don’t have time to read it. We do, however, ask that members come familiarised with the selected book. 

  2. Active participation – We encourage members to contribute and share thoughts and insights.

  3. Respectful dialogue – We love open discussion and diverse viewpoints, we are not looking for a consensus and request that our members engage respectfully and constructively.

  4. Practical confidentiality – This is a book club, not fight club! If no one was allowed to speak about what was discussed, it negates the reasons for having the Club. We ask that members respect the privacy of all members and do not attribute their contributions to others outside the Club.

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