I work to help people explore what they need to learn and unlearn to enable them to deliver improved business and personal performance. 

Coaching business leaders and teams 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, grit is defined as - 'firmness of solidarity of character; indomitable spirit or pluck; stamina.'
Growth and change requires my clients and me to show grit.


I have a Professional Masters in Coaching, I am qualified in numerous psychometrics and I am a member of the key coaching professional bodies.  In addition, I plan to complete my Professional Doctorate in coaching supervision in 2020.



I have a global coaching practice and I have worked with senior leaders in a variety of sectors including law, consultancy, accountancy, manufacturing, technology, banking, education and public bodies.



I work with novice and experienced coaches and whilst the main focus of my coaching supervision is the coach’s case load, I also work with a broad range of related topics including business development, whole practice reviews and client management. 


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