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I have benefitted hugely from spending time with Sam, she quickly establishes a safe, trusted space in which to explore issues with a focus on action.  I found Sam's style of being empathetic and yet challenging met the right balance.  As a result I have been able to unpick and move forward in a positive way from some particularly thorny issues where I was pretty stuck previously.  As such I have found the experience of coaching with Sam to be hugely rewarding and would recommend it to others.

Senior HR professional, City Law Firm


I have worked with Sam Humphrey for 3 years, primarily on a one to one basis but also in a group setting as well. A couple of points to highlight:

  • Sam combines professionalism with engagement and humanity in a very effective way.  As a coachee you are challenged and supported which enables you to benefit most from the coaching programme.

  • One of the tests for me of good coaching is if a session or particular topics stay with you after the coaching session, i.e. they have a continuing impact.  I have found this to be the case with all of the work I have done with Sam.  

In summary, I have been very impressed with Sam as a coach and have benefitted greatly from working with her.  I would highly recommend her to others (and have done so already)

Partner in City law firm


The sessions with Sam have been invaluable. She coached me on my areas of focus but she did so with upcoming events in mind.   Sam and I planned my approach to events and she gave me really good advice about how to handle particular conversations, how one might react in specific situations and how I can make the most of the opportunities presented by the events. One of the highlights of our coaching sessions has been Sam’s ability to make me see situations from a different point of view and, in many cases, to understand why we react as we do and how we can react differently and more constructively. 

 The coaching delivered tangible results - I made great progress in relation to the group’s business plan and I have learnt to deal with situations in a more positive and constructive way. I have been so pleased with our sessions that I booked additional sessions and I would not hesitate to recommend Sam to others. 

Partner, Eversheds Sutherland


I have found Sam's coaching to be immensely useful and have subsequently signed up for a further series of coaching sessions with her.  I feel I have materially advanced my own clarity in terms of what is important to me as a leader.  Sam encouraged me to push myself beyond the theoretical to really understand my personal values and then bring that full circle to think about how it applied in my new role.  I have valued the mix of approaches that Sam has brought to bear, sometimes talking through conceptual models, sometimes sharing things that are autobiographical and sometimes just letting me meander around a topic to see what it draws out.  Sam is very good at creating a safe environment and spotting the issues that need further digging to resolve.  Having worked on some of the fundamentals in terms of my values, leadership style and interactions with others, we are now working more specifically on client development.

Partner, Baker McKenzie  

My supervision sessions with Sam were like an oasis of calm in my hectic, overscheduled work life, helping me to sort through and prioritise the various demands on my time, and also, identify the underlying unhelpful beliefs that were blocking me from taking my practice to the next level. I felt 100 per cent supported at all times, but also challenged when needed, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and upgrade both my thinking and my working practices.  

Personal development coach and therapist.

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