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There are 3 key ingredients for coaching to be successful:

1 .    Can we work together? 

We meet and decide if we can do good work together.  We need rapport and challenge for this to work and we need to feel safe with each other for that to happen.

2 .    Do you have a goal?

We explore what your coaching goal is and identify how you will measure the success of the coaching. Some goals are easier than others to measure and you will have a sense of what success would be so we nail that. 

3 .    Are you willing to take action?

We identify ways you can do things differently to achieve your coaching goal and hit your success measures.  Being coached requires grit and determination to make things happen, otherwise it would be called chatting. I have been coaching for nearly 20 years and in that time, I have curated an impressive set of tools, techniques, models, frameworks and approaches to coaching – I will have something that will work for you.                                   

My clients frequently tell me that I help them be ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ which is right on their learning edge.

And this is underpinned by the right qualifications.  I have a Professional Masters in Coaching, I am qualified in numerous psychometrics and I am a member of the key coaching professional bodies.  In addition, I plan to complete my Professional Doctorate in coaching supervision in 2020.

Glasses(4) standing copy.png